Frequently Asked Questions

What’s included in a paid membership?

A “Pro” plan allows you to have one Photo Bank, one PhotoFlow and one store access for a Cleaner to submit their Daily Cleaning Report. The report is immediately sent directly to the designated Supervisor or Manager every day after submitted.
The "Premium" plan offers photo validation by a qualified 3rd party and more capacity. It gives you the peace of mind that every single photo submitted by your personnel is evaluated as Pass or Failed and reported to you through an interactive dashboard.

How many pictures can be added per store?

You can add as many pictures as each of the plans limits. Those pictures integrate the Picture Bank from which the app draws from as defined in the PhotoFlow to generate the Daily Cleaning Reports.

What is a PhotoFlow?

Is a set of pictures, grouped by area and arranged in photo slots for one particular store that the app uses to generate the randomized set of photos that integrate the Cleaner’s Daily Report. For example, if your membership contains 10 photos a day per store, it means that there are 10 slots integrated with many pictures each from which the app randomly takes one per slot every day to form the cleaner’s 10-picture daily report.

How many pictures integrate one PhotoFlow?

All packages are predesigned to work with as many as 10 pictures per report. For larger sites, you can request additional slots to generate a more detailed photo report.

How do I make a PhotoFlow?

Log in to your account and select the store. Drag photos from the picture bank and drop them in one of the PhotoFlow slots. You can place as many photos as you like per slot. For best results, we recommend having from 4 to 6 pictures per slot.

Can I change the pictures from a PhotoFlow regularly?

Yes you can, and we encourage it to make the reports more dynamic.

Can I use the FotoFlow to verify something in my stores that is not part of the cleaning process?

Yes, it is actually a great tool to quickly and visually certify things locally and simultaneously for a large network of sites.

How many cleaners could have access to one particular store?

Only Cleaners with the app, pre-authorized and able to scan the unique barcode can access the store’s daily report.

Couldn't Cleaners just selectively take pictures of the areas they have cleaned?

No, the app actually prescribes the photos that have to be taken. Additionally, to ensure the Cleaners can never anticipate what photos will be requested, Supervisors upload many photos at the onset that then become the Picture Bank which the app draws from.

Wouldn’t Cleaners eventually anticipate the photos that will be requested?

They could but Supervisors upload many photos at the onset that then become the picture bank which the app draws from, making it very hard fort hem to predict the photo that will be requested.

Why does Cleaner’s accountability increases?

The photos they submit in their daily reports are instantly shared with Supervisors who get critical visibility across the entire network. Knowing these photos are being reviewed by their Supervisors drives the behaviors and outcomes you desire.

How do I access my location?

Open the FotoFinish app and select your store from the dropdown menu. The app will suggest the closest to your location.

What happens if I took a bad photo during my daily report?

While filing the report, click the “thumbs down” icon on the bottom left of the live camera view to retake the photo.